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Uganda is a place of extraordinary sights and unlimited adventure. The home of lofty peaks and giant fauna; of wild rivers and sweeping savannahs. It is where fantasies are set, and memories are made. Kikorongo Safari Lodge provides the enriching and rewarding safari experience that you’ve always dreamed of.

We are a provider of boutique, beautiful and unusual accommodation in one of Uganda’s most celebrated wildlife regions. Our intimate tented lodge and Premium Tented Cottages offer a touch of luxury among the wild savannahs of South Western Uganda.

Our Accommodation

Premium Tented Cottages

These are wilderness luxury Tents are set within a landscape of steep slopes of the Kasese hills with magnificent views of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ɪntimate Cottages

Situated at the edge of the premise, the intimate cottages are a bird lover's hideout. The rooms are self-contained with a full view of both Lake Kikorongo and Lake George.
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Perfect for those who wish to travel with purpose, our small group journey offer a fantastic opportunity for growth and learning, in an exciting and stimulating environment. The exposure to authentic and exclusive community and conservation experiences, as well as gaining insight into Uganda’s vast wild life options and  culture, this is a rare and priceless gift.
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