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The newly completed Kikorongo Safari Lodge located in Kasese, Mpondwe road just across the famous Queen ELizabeth National Park. Offering a bespoke safari experience with a promise of luxury in the wilderness.

Kikorongo Safari Lodge houses 3 different types of accommodation ranging from our luxury tents located at the highest point of the escarpments, Edge Kikorongo, our intimate cottages and finally an upscale safari camp area.

Kikorongo Safari Lodge provides genuinely stunning wildlife and wilderness experiences, engaging in the original spirit and essence of ‘safari’: an abundance of birds,wildlife, and a guarantee of privacy with the highest standards of professional guiding, in a luxurious and authentic safari environment.

Accommodation Description Section

Live In Luxury

Tented Luxury Cottages

The wilderness luxury Tents are set within a landscape of steep slopes of the Kasese hills with magnificent views of Queen Elizabeth National Park, nestled between Lake George and lake Kikorongo. An Eco-lodge designed with local materials, mountain Rwenzori rock, river stone, handmade ceramic tiles and …

Edge Luxury Intimate Cottages

Situated at the edge of the premise, the intimate cottages are a bird lover’s hideout. The rooms are self-contained and boast with a full view of both Lake Kikorongo and Lake George.

The cottages are strategically located at a beautiful vantage point …

Rift Valley Tent Camp Area

Kikorongo Rift Valley camp is set at the bottom of the lodge sandwiched between two escarpments with a breathtaking view of the lodge. The camp is set in a community setting to duplicate the way the local Bakonzo live.

Guests can enjoy privately guided …

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Perfect for those who wish to travel with purpose, our small group journey offer a fantastic opportunity for growth and learning, in an exciting and stimulating environment. The exposure to authentic and exclusive community and conservation experiences, as well as gaining insight into Uganda’s vast wild life options and  culture, this is a rare and priceless gift.

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